Who we are

1947~ Conservative Baptist Foreign Missions Society (CBFMS)
Establish of Domei.
1947年~ 保守バプテスト海外宣教団(CBFMS/米国)日本への宣教師派遣を開始

1950 – One of the 6 Founding missions for CAJ
1950年 初期宣教団の6名のうち、1名をCAJに派遣

Setup of seminary in Sendai, Sendai Center (mission office), Printing Press, and Kinshuko Bible Camp in mid 1970s.
1970年代 仙台バプテスト神学校を設立、宣教団事務所設立。印刷会社、錦秋湖バイブルキャンプ設立

2000~ “Greater City” started and focusing on Tokyo Area.
2000年~ “グレイター・シティー”プロジェクトをスタート。首都圏に注力する。

Changed missions name to CB International.And, merged with Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist (FEBI).
Then, changed name to Japan Baptist Fellowship (JBF)
CBFMS, too, changed to WorldVenture and FEBI to The Fellowship.

Partner with CAJ to build Matsukawa Place.

Started partnering with other missions, and The Skippers were the first to start .
(see chart below for Types of Partnerships.)
(参照:下表 パートナーシップのタイプ)

2007 – Celebrated 60th Anniversary.
JBF60周年記念のビデオ 2007年作成。

Here is a JBF 60th anniversary video. This was done 9 years ago in 2007.
Some personnel and roles have changed but the 3 teams and others are still current.

WorldVenture in Japan is called JBF (Japan Baptist Fellowship). We consist of missionaries from USA – WorldVentureCanada – Fellowship International Mission, and international partners from Europe and Asia.
JBF has been in Japan for almost 70 years in church panting. As a result, we work alongside our National Church Association (called the Hoshu Baputesto Domei) with about 80 churches. As a field our purpose is to build up the local church. To stay relevant in the changing times, JBF organizationally has transitioned to 3 Teams: Church Multiplication Team; Innovative Ministries Team; Support Ministry Team. As God calls out new types of missionaries, we are here to validate, equip, and unleash them for effective ministry to the Japanese.





2016 – Present.



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