JBF UPDATE – Jan 18, 2020

Hello JBF Family,

2020 has arrived! We are at the dawn of a new year and a new decade. I look forward to see how God will continue to transform our hearts as we share the hope we have in Jesus Christ to the Japanese.
Here it the latest JBF update:
  • Hayden & Nikki Moore – Congrats to the newly weds. We are so happy for you as you come back to Japan as Mr. & Mrs. Moore.
  • Janet Brown – Welcome back to Japan after 6 months on home assignment.
  • Addison & Abigail Zody – Their COE was approved early December in record time (processing time was taking up to 12 weeks but this arrived in just 4 weeks). This means the Zody’s need to arrive within 3 months of approval. They are at about 92% support and they are targeting arriving in Japan on March 1, 2020.
  • Patrycja Boryczka – Our very first missionary from Poland. The Leadership Team approved Patricia (english spelling) as an International Partner Missionary – Full Time for a two year term.  We have been praying for someone who will minister in the Tohoku disaster area. God has answered our prayers with Patricia who has agreed to this mission. She will be a “children/youth ministry specialist in the disaster area in Tohoku” with the IMT. Patricia is targeting to arrive in Japan by JBF retreat in April. Pray for partner development and COE approval.
  • JJ Matsumura – JJ who will be getting married in March has decided to move to Nagoya after the wedding. He will be ending his JBF duties at the end of February. We will surely miss JJ in the JBF office. Pray for JJ as he ventures into a new season of marriage, location, and work.
  • Attached is the January 15, 2020 Leadership Team Meeting Minutes.
  • As a growing mission wanting to develop and improve we invited Jaine Loh, David Skipper, Justin Mitchell as observers but also to participate and give input especially in the following areas
    •  Prayer Mobilization
    •  Mission Communication Hub
    • Children Education Assessment & Planning
    • Medical Emergency Guidelines & Plan
    • Missionary Expectation Policy (Code of Conduct & Protecting the Vulnerable)
    • Mission Name Change
    • Short Term Ministry Trip Policy
  • Duties & Tasks – With JJ’s departure, Terumi (as Office Manager) is finalizing the office reorganization. Jaine will be taking over several of JJ’s tasks. We will send a separate email out when this is finalized.
  • Office Renovation – come by sometime and see how the office has a new look for more functionality and efficiency.
  • JBF Retreat:                            April 18-20
  • Teamwork meeting:                 May 18-20
  • LT Skype meetings:                 Mar 10, Jun 9, Sep 8
  • LT in-person meetings:            Oct 6
  • Day Of Business:                     October 19 (9:00am – 4:00pm)
Starting next week, I will be stateside for my annual winter church visits. I am scheduled be back Feb 16.
Ken Taylor

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