JBF UPDATE – Dec 12, 2019

Hello JBF Family,

December is full of Christmas activities and celebrations. But may you mostly cherish the relationships you have with family, friends, and ministry.
Holiday vacation begins soon and many will be traveling. If you are going off-the-field, make sure to let your team leader know and enter information in the JBF Google calendar. (if you need assistance, contact JJ Matsumura <jbf_assistant@jbfjapan.com>)
Here is the latest JBF update:
  • Andy Meeko (photo attached) had surgery last Monday to reconstruct his nerve damage from his previous surgery.
Today I was released from the hospital. Surgery was somewhat of a nightmare but I survived. Nerves were severed and reattached so I am starting from zero again. Maybe six months or longer before I get use of my hand. For the next three weeks I am in a splint and no bathing (bummer!). 
  • Koerlin’s – Eric & Kari Koerlin (with 2 month old Lydia) arrived Sunday night and will be here for 10 days. They are WorldVenture missionary appointees on a vision trip to Japan. If you have not scheduled to meet them, please contact Jaine Loh to make an appointment.
  • Certificate of Eligibility Arrived! – after 13 weeks, the COE of Abby Willbanks and Nikki Smith finally arrived. We had a “ New Arrival Missionary Orientation Meeting” last Tuesday night with 6 missionaries who arrived on the field the last 4 months.
  • Patrycja Boryczka (photo attached) – Our very first missionary from Poland. The Leadership Team approved Patricia (english spelling) as an International Partner Missionary – Full Time for a two year term.  We have been praying for someone who will minister in the Tohoku disaster area. God has answered our prayers with Patricia who has agreed to this mission. She will be a “children ministry specialist in the disaster area in Tohoku” with the IMT.
Patricia (27 years old) is a pastor’s kid whose parents were affiliated with Campus Crusade in Poland. Patricia has already come to Japan in several capacities. First as a short term missionary with the Meeko’s and HGF. We have first hand experience of Patricia and her character, work, and love for the Lord. She also studied for 1 year in Japan and is proficient in Japanese.  The hope is to have Patricia in Japan by April to begin work in the Tohoku disaster area.
  • Dec 30 – Jan 5 the JBF Office will be closed for the holidays.
  • For regular business, email the JBF office and we will respond accordingly.
  • For emergencies, please contact your team leader.
Have a very Merry Christmas!
Ken Taylor

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