JBF UPDATE: November 11, 2019

Hello JBF family,
November is well on its way and there is much ministry activities happening.
Here the latest JBF Update:
  • Certificate of Eligibility for Nikki Smith and Abbi Willbanks. It has been 10 weeks and we are still waiting for COE arrival.
  • Beth Anne Winkler had to take an emergency trip to the USA to visit her grandpa whose health is failing. She will be gone for a week.
  • JBF Office Prayer time: The JBF Office Staff prays every Thursday at 5:30pm. Send in your prayer items to Jaine Loh <jbf_staff@jbfjapan.com>
MEDICAL HISTORY FORMS (due Nov 15 – this Friday)
  • Please make sure to complete and turn in your Medical History Forms.
  • The email was sent out Oct. 31 with the subject title “JBF Medical Prep and Emergency response form
  •  fill out attached form #2 “Ambulance Emergency Response form” (in English & Japanese) AND send a digital copy to JJ at jbf_assistant@jbfjapan.com by 15 November 2019.
KOERLIN Vision Trip on Dec 8 – 18. (see photo below)
  • Eric, Kari (and newborn Lydia) will be in Japan Dec 8 – 18 for a vision trip.
  • Jaine Loh will be contacting you so you can meet and visit with them.
  • Koerlin’s were appointed in June 2019 with WorldVenture. They will be part of the IMT with specialties in Technology/Software Design and Discipleship.
The Robison family are still in transition mode. The will be moving address early next year. Their ministry placement will remain the same until further notice.
OFF THE FIELD – JBF Google Calendar
  • Inform your team leader of any off-the-field trips.
  • Make sure to input dates in the JBF Google Calendar.
  • Attached are simple instructions to the JBF google calendar. (contact JJ if you need more assistance)
Ken Taylor

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