JBF UPDATE: Name Change

Hello JBF family,
As God continues to bless us, JBF is experiencing a new season in many dimensions and dynamics with our mission family. The leadership team has tasked Andy Meeko (with the help of Dave Skipper) to think about a new name for our mission.
Please read the letter and instructions from Andy and Dave.
As a guideline, here is the process/timeline.
Appreciate all your ideas and cooperation.
PHASE 1: Solicit New Name. Oct 15 Deadline
  • Submit names to Andy Meeko & Dave Skipper
PHASE 2: Consensus on new name. Oct 21 (Day of Business)
  • Present and vote on best new name.
PHASE 3: Decide on New Name. sometime in 2020 (exact time to be determined)
  • The Leadership Team will decide the name change and exact timing based on several matters including legal, budget, headquarters approval, final clearance, etc….
Hello teammates,
Trust you had a blessed summer and that cool days of harvest await this Autumn!
Next month, October 21 is our Day of Business and it will be wonderful to see even more new faces.
Of course one of the issues we will be voting on is the new name for Japan Baptist Fellowship.
There seems to be several new trends in organizational names now that we might keep in mind as we look to creating a new name:
One is that names are shorter than before: They are typically two word or even one word. No more the likes of five word-ers like Conservative Baptist Foreign Mission Society 🙂 But even three word-ers are less frequent.
Two is that names are less descriptive and often more symbolic and certainly not denominationally labeled or even theologically labeled, and generally words like “Christian” are avoided in that they carry baggage nowadays and can close doors.
Three is that names just seem a bit more chic, albeit vague, but they tend to sound a bit cooler. Life Ministries became Asian Access but is called A2 and the Baptist General Conference became Converge or in Japan, CJ (sounds like a persons name 🙂 ).
So are there any ideas out there? At this point we have the submission of “J-Advance”. “J” could stand for Japan, Jesus, or both. Advance refers to the taking the Kingdom forward, to the next level, beyond, and even from Japan to the world.
Keeping in mind the style of names mentioned above, is there another word, words, concepts, you would like to see included? Please let us know!
Andy & Dave

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