JBF UPDATE: July 5, 2019

Greetings JBF Family,
As summer rolls by, there are many of us traveling or are currently on home assignment. I am at the airport enroute to the Philippines for 10 days and then California, USA for the rest of the summer to visit partners and supporting churches. Please make sure to report your out-of-country trips to your team leaders and input information on the JBF google calendar.
Here is the latest JBF Update:
JBF continues to grow and expand. Praise the Lord. I am so excited to announce the following who are need of your prayers as they are preparing to come to Japan. Also pray for the JBF staff (Terumi, JJ, Yuka) as they make all the necessary arrangements for Certificate of Eligibility applications and arrival preparations.
Arriving August
  • LAPOINT: Patrick, Megan and Elise (1yo) (photo attached) are all set to touchdown on August 5. They will be living in Matsukawa Place apartment 301. Megan will be teaching full time at CAJ and Patrick will begin language school sometime in the Fall.
  • ADAM PIERANTONIO (photo attached) is an appointee missionary with Fellowship Int’l – Canada. He will be on special assignment for at least 1 year in Osaka teaching in an English school and helping in a church with the Nagahara family. At this point Adam will not be officially with JBF but we hope to meet him during our Day of Business and Retreat.
Arriving Mid-September
  • KIM EPPLER who is newly wedded to Matt is scheduled to arrive in September.
  • REAGAN ARNOLD (photo attached) is with StuMo and is scheduled to arrive in September.
  • ABBI WILLBANKS (photo attached) is with StuMo and is scheduled to arrive in September.
  • ZACHARY SMOKER (photo attached) is a GLINTS missionary and was just approved as a JBF International Partner Missionary – Full Time. Zach is the son of Charles and Anne Marie Smoker. He will be working with CAJ. Here is his short profile:
    • Having had the opportunity to grow up in Japan as a missionary kid (mk), Zach always knew he would return someday to serve in the mission field he calls home. His calling and passions have led him to come back to Christian Academy in Japan, the international missionary christian high school he graduated from, to work as one of the Maintenance Technicians. Other focuses for the year will include language study, re-establishing old relationships, church planting, and finding other areas to serve as able. Zach graduated from Redeemer University College in Hamilton, Ontario with majors in Religion/Theology and Psychology. Since then he has pursued his love for working with his hands through a wide variety of construction and maintenance jobs. Lord willing he hopes to be able to continue serve in Japan long-term. 
Currently On Partner Development:
  • WALKERS: Jeff and Malia (Mason & Kaili) (photo attached) are targeting to be in Japan sometime in 2020. Jeff and Malia will be in Japan for a short term trip this summer with their sending church.
  • ZODY: Addison and Abigail (photo attached) are planning to arrive in Japan sometime in 2020.
Newly Appointed Missionaries: And we continue to grow…. WOW…. Praise the Lord….
  • KOERLIN: Eric and Kari are from Denver, CO. They were appointed in June 2019 with WorldVenture. The are expecting their first baby in September. They will be part of the IMT with specialties in Software Design and Discipleship.
Ken Taylor

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