JBF UPDATE: April 23, 2019

Greetings JBF Family,
Unlike most of my updates, this is more of a lengthy one. Please read each item carefully.
Golden week is approaching. But it is no ordinary Golden week. It will be a changing of Japan’s emperor reign from Heisei to Reiwa (beautiful harmony). So, we will be able to witness a rare occasion of a living Japanese emperor passing it on (abdicate) to his son to be the new emperor. I am sure the festivities will be elaborate. It will be a treat to see. But aren’t we really wanting to share to the Japanese who the the real King of kings is.
With this rare golden week occasion comes a 10-day holiday in Japan. Please be aware of the following as compiled by Terumi Tanaka.
This year, we will have the longest GW holidays ever. We might need special preparations and attention to unexpected things.
  • Hospital: Please make sure which hospital will be available in your area during Golden Week. Many hospitals and clinics will be closed. (Check your home doctor’s schedule and prescribed medicines if you have enough of them.)
  • Garbage: You might have a special arrangement, please follow your local arrangement during Golden Week.
  • Cash On Hand/ATM : There is an announcement for an expectation of out of bills on cash machines during Golden Week. Prepare enough cash in your hands.
  • JBF Office: It will be closed from 4/29~5/6. We will monitor our emails while we close the office.
  • JBF Finance (WV): If you need to ask for an advance payment, please let Yuka knows before April 25th. Your regular monthly payment will be paid after 5/9.
De’Ja McKnabb (Pathfinder)
  • De’Ja is a theater arts major coming to Japan as a Pathfinder (short term missionary). She will be here for 2 months arriving May 11. She will be ministering alongside the Hallelujah Gospel Family choirs with Ken. But she will also be open to helping some other missionaries. If you get a chance please get to know her and invite her for a meal. She will be staying in the Kiyose area at Janet Brown’s house.
LaPoints Certificate of Eligibility
  • Patrick & Megan LaPoint (and Elise 1yo) are scheduled to arrive in Japan in early August. Please pray for their final push to develop partners. To get final clearance from the home office required pre-field meetings and documents. Also pray for a speedy and positive response from Japanese immigration as we submitted their Certificate of Eligibility application last week.
  • Attached is the special business meeting minutes from April 7, 2019 held in Okutama Fukuin No Ie by written ballot.
  • As JBF missionaries, we are highly encouraged to be engaged with and be involved with our CB Domei church association. Here are some events that you can participate in.
May 14-15: JBF & Domei Team Work Meeting in Kinshuko. (for details contact JJ or Ken Taylor)
Jun 10 – 11: Domei Women Retreat (See attached PDF)
  • In an effort to be more efficient, we are using new JBF office email addresses. These are already in use. Please update your address listing to use the following effective immediately. 
JBF Office – Terumi <jbf_office@jbfjapan.com>
JBF Finance – Yuka <jbf_finance@jbfjapan.com>
JBF Assistant – JJ <jbf_assistant@jbfjapan.com>
I will be on the road again for a very short trip from Apr 25 – 28. Because of the wonderful partnership between JBF/WorldVenture and StuMo in Japan, this relationship is growing and expanding to include other StuMo mission fields. I have been invited to share with the leadership of both StuMo and WorldVenture this coming weekend as there will be many StuMo staff and missionaries gathering in Norman, Oklahoma.
Ken Taylor

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