JBF UPDATE: March 19, 2019

Dear JBF Family,
Spring has arrived early and so has the warm weather.
This time there is a lot of news to share. Please read each item carefully.
  • April 6 – 8: JBF Retreat. This is required attendance for all JBF missionaries.
    • As a reminder for Monday (Apr 8). Make sure to inform your work, children’s school, language school that you will be absent.
    • Detail instructions coming this week.
  • April 14 (Sun): Denen Grace Building Dedication. More information coming.
  • May 13 – 15: CB Domei & JBF team work meetings in Kinshuko

ARRIVED! Welcome to the Robisons. (family photo attached)

The Robison family (Jonathan, Maki, Aquila, Leon, Hugo, Rhea) made it to Japan last week. Please pray for the Robison family as they transition to Japan. You will get a chance to meet them all at the retreat.

  • De’Ja McKnabb (see prayer letter below) is a WorldVenture Pathfinder (Short Term) coming to Japan for 2 months in May. She is a theatre arts major and will be working with HGF most of the time but will be open to serve in other JBF ministries.
  • The LaPoints (see prayer letter below) are coming to Japan in August. Megan LaPoint has been accepted to teach full time at Christian Academy in Japan. This is wonderful news as they have been in partner development for about 4 years.
  • The Flemings on Home Assignment – Rob and Kathryn are departing to Canada for a one-year Home Assignment.
  • Emma Tyler is engaged and will be getting married this year with another StuMo missionary to China. This means Emma will be leaving JBF this month to prepare for her wedding. Bitter sweet as we will miss Emma in Japan. But we rejoice in the fact that she will be moving with her future husband and continue in missions.
LEADERSHIP TEAM MINUTES:  Please read the attached documents for details. Here are just some highlights.
  • WorldVenture All Asia Gathering 2019 October 7 – 11 Chiang Mai, Thailand (IMPORTANT: Read the 19-LT-15 for details)
  • Other Business: (more details coming in the future)
    •  Short Term Missionaries New Policy and Procedure for WorldVenture missionaries effective July 2019. (Drafting a JBF-wide policy that is functionally equivalent)
    • Child Safety Protection Policy being drafted.
    • JBF Missionary Code of Conduct is being drafted.
    • JBF Name Change is being considered. Andy Meeko tasked to put a team together.
  • Office Hours are Monday & Thursday 1pm – 6pm.
  • Office Staff is available to meet with you but we can best serve you if you make an appointment before coming to the office.
  • As we grow Jaine Loh will be helping in some JBF office responsibilities.
I continue to praise the Lord for each one of you. For who you are!
May you always experience the amazing grace and the presence of Lord in your lives,
Ken Taylor

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