JBF UPDATE: January 19, 2019

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Dear JBF family,
The Penner Farewell party was very moving (see photo). We were able to celebrate Mark and Mary Esther 37 years with JBF. Most everyone on the field was able to come and others were able to send messages. Thank you Jaine Loh for coordinating. Mark and Mary Esther plan to depart on Feb 8. Continue to pray for their transition to California. 
Pray for Kevin Laverman. He has been having eye problems and was able to get surgery last Tuesday. Kevin is still recovering. Pray for healing and that no further surgery will be required. 
Jessica French is a Short Term Missionary and is arriving this Sunday. Jessica will be in Japan until May. You may have received an email from Janet Brown to involve her in some of your ministries. Make sure to meet and visit with Jessica. 
WengKong and Jaine Loh today depart for Singapore for a 2 month Home Assignment. 
I also depart for California today for my annual one-month Winter church visits. 


  •  Ministry Life Profiles (MLP) – due January 11 2019 (Your team leader has or will be sending you instructions)
  • JBF Retreat – April 6-8, 2019
  • LT Meeting Dates (updated) – Jan 25, Mar 12&13, May 7, Sep 10, Oct 8.
  • Teamwork Meetings (Kinshuko) – May 21-22, 2019
  • Day of Business – October 21, 2019 (Mon)


Ken Taylor