JBF UPDATE: October 10, 2018

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Hello JBF family,

It is hard to believe that October has arrived. 


ANY DAY NOW…. please pray for Kevin and Alyssa Ewing as they are expecting the arrival of baby Miles any day. 

OCT 22 (Mon)…. 9am.  JBF Day of Business. This is required attendance. We will start promptly at 9am. I will be sending several documents prior to our meeting. 

NOV 3 (Sat)…. 1:30pm – 4:30pm. CB Kanto Festa. It is highly encouraged that JBF missionaries attend this. This time hosted by Denen Grace Chapel in Mizonokuchi. See the attached chirashi. 

Oct 10, 2018 JBF Leadership Team Minutes…. See attached file. 

Blessings to you all,
Ken Taylor